The 7

1.seven things I can’t live without daily:
1. My son
2. My fiancé
3. Air
4. Diet sunkist
5. My dog
6. Coffee
7. Diaper wipes
2. Seven of my fav songs
1.truck yeah
2. Merry go round
3. Cop car
4. It ain’t me babe
5. The only exception
6. Sideways
3. Seven adventures I want before I die
1. Canada
2. Mexico
3. Hike the ap trail
4. Talk to the president
5. Sky dive
6. Kick a field goal
7. Take my son to my spot in the mountains
4. Seven past times I love.
1. Basketball
2. Football
3. Hiking
4 bowling
5. Pool
6. Juggling
7.martial arts
5. Seven treats I could eat everyday
1. S’mores blizzard
2. Oreos
3. Cake batter anything
4. Apple pie
5. Krispy Kreme
6. Caramels
7. Apples
6. Seven people I’d be lost without
1. Mom
2. My fiancé
3. My son
4. My grandma
5. My dad
6. My god mother
7. My nephew
7. Seven places I want to visit
1. Canada
2. Mexico
3. Alaska
4. California
5. Bahamas
6. Florida
7. Maine


Turkey troubles

Sarah was cooking dinner when she seen a plastic green piece in our turkey meat. She contacted the company and they basically said we are sorry we will alert our factory. Here is 5$ off coupons for turkey. …… Come on people really??? That’s it?? Well ok then!!! We shall get some more of your plastic turkey meat!!!


Dog gone it

Our puppy onyx was diagnosed as being autistic by a vet when she was young. She hates new situations and other dogs she don’t know. She’s always been a little on the slow side. We were first worried that she may have retardation but soon realized it was autism ……. Until a day ago. She went outside and came back in like normal. We were downstairs loving on koda and went upstairs to check on the pups. Onyx was laying in her own bile not moving with glassy eyes. We picked her up and cleaned her off and forced some water down her. At one point she gave up and seemed very close to death. Water dripped out of her mouth as she lay on the floor staring at a wall. I have seen many animals die and know what it looks like when they give up and are ready to go. This was onyx in a nutshell. We loved on her and made her drink more water. Within a couple of minutes she was up drinking on her own and eating. We took her to the vet yesterday and she seemed perfectly normal! The vet did blood work and today we got the results back. Her liver enzymes are high and they are going to have to do more tests to find out if it’s a liver shunt. We go to charleston on Friday to do the test to see if it’s a liver shunt. She has to give blood then eat then give blood again. After we find out what it is then she may need surgery. We will get her well! No family let behind!!!




O- oblivious

I admit that I can be willfully oblivious to things! It’s not that I do to know what’s going on its that I don’t care or don’t have time to pay attention.these past two years of my life have been perfect! I have everything I need and want! I could not ask for any better! I have been oblivious to the gods though. I’ve not thanked them. I’ve been blessed beyond what anyone could imagine and not once have I thanked them. So to fix this I’m spending a weekend thanking them for everything! A weekend does not seem near long enough but it’s a start! I guess because I have been enjoying all the blessings I’ve been given I haven’t thought to thank anyone for it. It does make me sad and I am going to fix it!