I was cleaning up and rearranging my sons room when I had an idea. To write a blog about the things I wished people told me I didn’t need! And things I wish people told me I did need! I remember getting super excited and decorating the nursery and thinking everything was going to be organized and handy……… Until my son was born! First things first we had a bassinet and it stayed in our room so no need to put that in the nursery. Trust me when your so tired you can’t think of your own name you change diapers in the bassinet and don’t think twice about it so if you have a changing table that will be unused for the first 3 months! ( or if you are like us we kicked him out of the bassinet at 2 months and he went to his crib!) but once they get cozy into the crib you are gonna want a changing table with lots of space underneath for diapers wipes and creams and all sorts of shit I didn’t think would end up in the nursery. We have a crib with changing table attached, it’s very handy! Also turns into a toddler bed and a full bed. But who are we kidding it won’t last that long lol! We decided that we were going to do a jungle theme for koda because we called him our little monkey man from the start! When he turns one his room will be john deere themed! Jungle is easy to find and let’s face it, easy is a must when you become a parent! So here is kodas room with all the details!




These bookshelves from ikea are super simple to put up and can go anywhere! We have read to koda since he was 4 weeks In The Womb. We have read to him every day and every night! Books are important to us so this is a pass when it comes to things you need. And like most new parents you start off with college books but end up leaving the age appropriate books out until they grow! But……… Turn Down for what??? We still read college and high school books to him!


There are a box of toys! Like everything else you won’t need these until 3 months ( so say all the charts). Again depends on how intelligent your kiddo is! Soft things rock and baby puzzles rock! And as much as you as a parent hate it, toys that make noise keep them pretty entertained!

A rocker: this thing is an antique rocker! They are the best! Made from very sturdy wood and makes that old rocking noise and who don’t love that little comfort sound?? ( unless it’s in a horror movie).


An exersaucer this thing keeps them busy and educated! They can spin, practice standing, and learn trunk control all at the same time! We really like the little Einstein! Good to have starting at age 3 months.


A jumper thing! Koda loves to jump! He has loved to bounce and jump since 2 months of age! These things are a must when it comes to the development of your growing dancer/ basketball/ or little gymnist!


Ok a couple of things here ! The mini fridge…… For some reason I thought it would be a good idea for late night feedings to have a mini fridge in his room……$100 shelf is what it is now! But never fear it has plans for my man cave soon!
The humidifier/ night light! We had to get this when koda got a cold! It helps in cooling the room and also is a pretty cool nightlight of space!

The radio/ phone dock. During the day I plug my phone into this to belt out tunes of classical music and learning songs! During the night and nap time it’s a sleepy time classical music….. Difference is???? Lol! All these things ( except mini fridge) are great to have!

Silver rattle and Egyptian cotton burp cloth …… Just something grandparents gets your kid…… ( the box belongs to our little girl who watches over little man)


Diaper pail and trash can
If your going to cloth diaper then I suggest a wet pail ( we have one in the laundry room) we supplement with diapers when we are out of the house or gone on trips! But either way ya need a diaper pail! A trash can is always a smart idea to throw away random things!


No matter what, you are always going to have people give you handmade blankets at baby showers! LOTS OF THEM!!! And blankets that they bought! We ended up with 6 homemade ones, 7 store bought and one baby blanket that is around $100 ……. Why kids need silver rattles and expensive cloth is beyond me! But it’s a grandparent thing! Anyone need a couple of baby blankets??? Lol. They don’t use any of them till they are about a year old! So just hang on to them and use them later!


Mobiles!! They are great things to have! Keeps little ones entertained and helps them fall asleep! The crib book is also good for entertainment!


These blankets come in the $100 nursery sets and are pointless except for deco! They add to the walls and once they turn one and you change the theme of the room….. You can remember the wall deco! We bought two sets…. One from nautica and a jungle theme.



Cameras! These things prepare your kiddo for the big screen! Hahaha just kidding ( although koda looks at them and smiles) but they do help with your sanity! SIDS is a very real thing and in the mind of a lot of parents! Having a video/ audio monitor is pretty sweet! We have two cameras and are able to add more! And we can see and hear him light or dark! ( btw it’s creepy when they look directly in the camera and have night vision eyes when you are half asleep!)



Changing table! Ours is attached to the crib which is super cool! It’s very easy to change him on it and of course give him meds/ temp check … Blah blah blah!


Does your kid measure up?? We have this handy ruler to mark his height! With us possibly moving in a year or two we can take this with us and still keep track of his height! How do we keep track of everything else?? Baby book of course!


Little Einstein play mat! This thing is a must for tummy time! Also for back time! I would recommend getting 3 just to change up the scenery! We have 4, two of them stay in the upstate two of them stay at our house!


Tummy time toys. Normally these are loud soft things!


Bumbo seat . They are great for truck control and helping little man to sit up!


Clothes! Now at the baby shower you think, damn I have enough clothes to last a year….. Hahaha funny ! You end up getting 600 newborn clothes ( that they most Likely won’t wear them all) and 100 outfits size 0-3 months ( that they most likely will wear but only for about 2 mins cause they grow wayyyyyy to fast) and like 6 outfits that are 3-6 months ( which they will wear like every min because they either shit or drool on one a min lol)! There is a huge difference in newborn clothes and size 0-3 months! If your baby is the size of a toddler when born they will need newborn if your baby is the size of a peanut then they will need preemie. These people at the many clothes factories have no idea what sizes babies really are! Which brings me to my next point . Don’t get caught up in the percentages that the doc tells you! Koda at birth was 9 pounds he was well beyond the 60% but I don’t want my kid to be a percentage I mean I don’t say hey meet my son koda he was born in the 90% when born…… Rant over!



Things that didn’t help us ( this time around) was a swing and a bouncy seat. Koda never wanted to swing or bounce in a seat. He always wanted to be standing or sitting up bouncing! Maybe next kid??? Who knows!



I know I have hurt people in my past. And for that I’m sorry! I have and will continue to live my life for me and my family. I know that there are some issues that will work themselves out and it’s none of my business. I’m sorry to the gods and goddess for acting the way I have! I hope that they will forgive me and grant me the opportunity to make it right! I pray that I can continue the peace in my life and I pray that they grant others peace as well! I pray that I stay humble and I’m forgiven. I pray that others may see the mistakes in my life and reflect upon their own mistakes. I am just human! I pray that my anger is always in check and that I can realize my wrongs ! I want to be an example for my children! I want them to see that I admit my wrong doings and ask for forgiveness and mercy. I want to be the strong humble man I know I can be! However, I will not take bullying lightly and will bring down whatever hell I have to so it will stop! But in that I pray that I have mercy upon my enemies and they realize their faults as well! I know sometimes I deserve my ass kicked and I know I can be hard to handle and for that I hope that I can be at peace! Please gods and goddess I pray that you see me and my faults and teach me the gentle way!


4 months

Remembering the good times today! This is koda almost 2 months old in these photos!




Koda at 2 months!







Koda at 3 months










Koda at 4 months













It’s almost 5 months now and I can’t wait to see my little man grow more and achieve much more. It seems like yesterday I was watching my son be born and playing music to him through the womb and reading every night to him. Bonding in the womb! Seems like yesterday we were in shock he could hold his head up in just two days of life and standing on his own feet with support just a week into his life and holding his bottle in just 3 short months! I’m amazed everyday at how advanced he is! Already using a walker at 4 months! He’s making way for his little brother or sister next year!


Quarters ……4 of them!

As we all know on the pentacle there are 4 elements represented! Earth, fire, water, air. These elements are of course all needed by all living things! Hence why they are represented! And I’ve spoken about each element and how they each have there own personality as far as humans go. ( fire- passionate, air- flighty, earth- grounded, water- go with the flow) blah blah blah! But I’ve never spoken about my experience with each element and what they mean to me! I’m going to start with the one I know the most! Fire!

Fire- the SOUTH QUARTER! I am a fire so my experience with fire is , mine! My son is also a fire! I have met other fires and we tend to be all the same….. Outgoing, physically active, and a temper that is very scary! My experience with fire is one many! Every time I light a fire I stare into the flames and try to focus on the things in my life that need destroying and things that need passion. Fire means to me, that things in my life need change. When anything is on fire it changes.


Water-the WEST QUARTER .
Water is very special to me because my fiancé is a water sign! Water signs go with the flow and stop fire in its tracks. It helps grow the earth and with enough air causes a storm! Water signs tend to have strong emotions and know what they want! They require stable relationships and have no time for fuckery! My experience with water is both good and bad. One of the good things is learning to swim! Through many days in the pool I have learned to tread water and become very comfortable in the deep end! I love going on hikes to waterfalls in the mountains! My favorite spot is a peaceful waterfall in a mountain! I use this spot to stand in the cold water and renew myself! Water has a calming meaning to me because I stand in it and feel all my bad fire traits calm down!


Earth is grounding and I can’t say that I’ve had many experiences with earth but I do know they are calm people and it takes a lot to make an earth mad! If you do make them mad then kiss your ass goodbye! They have no problem beating the shit out of you! Earth is grounding and my experience with earth is going to my spot and grounding myself and getting back to nature! I love camping and really getting back to being grounded and and realizing that life is about balance and earth is that balance! Earth means to me, to be grounded, to be humble and to find a solid ground!



Air is a tricky element for me because I’ve not had a good experience with air! They are flighty, air headed, and one sided people. ( at least in my experience) but never the less air is needed in this whole thing so my positive experience with air is breathing! Yep! Breathing, it’s something we all have to do to survive. If it’s breathing in mountain air or a fart it’s something ya have to do to survive. I do love breathing! And I do love breathing in nice smells such as fall air, leaves, apples, pumpkin pie, the smell of roasted marshmallows, the burning leaves, the smell of a nice cool pool in the summer, the smell of a warm fire burning in winter and the smell of flowers in the spring! Sometimes ya have to smell the shit before you can smell the nice grass and flowers! Air means to me life because we all need air!