Mega church and truth

Recently I had a friend post a quote from the pastor of a mega church in sc. I have several friends who go to this church and I myself have been ONCE! I say once because out of thousands of sermons that are preached I happen to go when they were discussing homo sex! Now I don’t consider myself gay or lesbian or anything really, I consider myself a straight male. So why do I care if marriage is legal for all or not?? Well I have friends who are gay and it’s not right that they can’t get married. If my legal sex don’t change before I get married then it affects me. It’s true I have a personal interest in it. Anywho back to this perry noble guy. So I did some researchBon this guy and it seems he was molested by some dude when he was a kid. What does that matter??? Well it can sway his thoughts on homo marriage. This guys angle is that homosexuality is wrong and is a sin BUT………… Everyone sins so we should not judge others. He fully believes that marriage is between a man and woman. He believes that if you were born a male you should stay a male etc. so the question here is what makes this mega church different from the rest of the southern baptist churches ( besides him giving away Harley’s and cars, and t shirts by the ton and having huge concerts and being all about “being cool”), ???? It’s him welcoming the lgbt community in and telling them it’s ok to come to church and that its a safe place and all are welcome, but then letting them know that how they feel and live is a sin. He is trying to change people by material things. He is trying to change the lgbt community by telling them that ” everyone sins” so it’s ok that your gay but btw you are living in sin! Now I don’t believe in a heaven or hell but it must be scary for people who do and are gay and go to this church. He keeps followers because he is always changing up things and giving away things and talking about new age stuff and being , what I call shady accepting. This guy amuses me because he thinks that he is doing good when really he is just like every shady southern baptist preacher out there except he is more modernized. I’m NOT one to hate on anyone’s religion or views but this guy is crazy! He admits he is all about numbers( getting saved, baptized, membership, money, etc). In saying all that I’m just gonna leave some things here…… Take what you will from it, tear it apart, agree with it, I don’t care but just know this guy is shady!






Soul cakes

The reason we carve pumpkins is because it’s a way to scare away any negative energy. People started out carving turnips and moved on to pumpkins. There’s another tradition, to make soul cakes. These treats are to bury or leave out on the alter to give to the gods and ancestors. Last night we made soul cakes so on Halloween we could bury them/ leave them on the family alter. We got a big pumpkin so we had lots of pumpkin left. They are delicious. There are tons of them! This weekend we are taking koda to boo in the zoo in Columbia. Another weekend of fun! I’m also preaching/ teaching on Samhain this weekend. To the whole congregation again! While making the soul cakes we thought about our ancestors and told stories of the ones that are departed from us. We thanked the gods and blessed the cakes. Today my son and I were in a store when it was robbed. No one was hurt and they caught the guy but I thanked the gods for protecting us. Everything I do I thank them! I came home and gave the earth some soul cake and thanked the gods for being there and making a shield between us and the guy. It’s a beautiful day and when koda wakes from his nap I am taking him outside to play in the backyard.


Good day

Today Sarah had the day off and it was great to spend the day with her and koda. I got to take a nap for the first time in awhile and we watched Harry Potter movies and went to target to do some shopping. It was a very relaxing day . Tomorrow we are going to Clinton cease farm to pick out pumpkins. Kodas first pumpkin picking. We been going there for a couple years now so we are excited to take koda. At some point I need to prepare next weeks sermon for Samhain. But not today! Today I’m relaxing with my family!