Beach time 

every year we take a trip to the beach as a vacation. This  year with moving and all we decided that we were going to focus on moving. But as always the beach is calling our name and we can’t help but to go. We take a lot of trips to the beach! The sand, the water, the air. We just can’t stay away! We don’t want to move there… We discussed moving to the beach and we both said no to the idea. When you live somewhere you tend to take it for granted. We would never want to do that with the beach. It’s true because I have seen the sites of Columbia so many times I don’t even pay attention to the places around me. State house, museums, historical area, …. I don’t really notice anymore. Protesters at the statehouse?? Just another day… Anyway tomorrow we are headed to the beach! We are going to spend 4th of July there to see the fireworks on the ocean! Can’t wait to get some salt life going! 

In other news, I’m trading my truck in for Toyota 4Runner. Beastly looking suv! More power to tow and more room and newer! My wife said it was time I get a newer vehicle she is tired of seeing me drive my old tank! She is also tired of me spending money to fix it lol! I’m gonna miss my mini tank but time to get a new bitch! 



Confessions 1.

My confessions……. 4th of July is a time in which you celebrate your freedom. You send a rocket in the air and it explodes and you never see it again. Looking at this symbolic gesture I decided to send my thoughts in the air….. My confessions and to never here of them again! It will be up for a little less than 6 hours public then disappear…. Just like a rocket. Things I have only kept to myself things that I have told very few people to none at all. July 4th……… The time of confessions. 


Great weekend! 

We had an amazing weekend. First we went to lake Marion for a couple nights and fished, went swimming, played on the boat, and had a great time eating seafood and relaxing. We then left there and came to the upstate. We bought a camper! We spent all of Sunday morning buying, learning how to set it up, filling out the title, getting a water hose, and getting a lock for the trailer. Then had a nap with my son and wife then had family dinner. We hung out with family and showed them the camper. 
This week we learned of the ruling to make gay marriage legal in all 50 states. Friday everyone rushed to get married. There were ALOT of weddings Friday! I’m glad our ceremony is in the fall so our wedding won’t be over shadowed by the ruling. 

We are very excited about the wonderful things to come! Next week we are headed to myrtle beach for the 4th of July! 


no drinking and boating!


great day out on the boat


my wife and son


he couldnt move lol


sexiest couple in the world!


he was not happy


a true family!


they were ready !


caleb talking to papa rocky


cousin love!


caleb getting sensory time in! he wouldnt be still for a pic during that time!




parents in laws lake house


lake house


tall windows


charlie and koda having cousin time!


bucket lights


ashley and christian


no seafood for the babies!


inside the camper


for some reason i had it on black and white setting??? anyway stove and sink and fridge


koda and sarah in our camper i think they were enjoying the sun shine??



Well ouch

my wife was doing her eyebrows like all good women do and I asked her what it felt like? She said it doesn’t hurt. So I said well I wanna try. So she gives me tweezers and the mirror and says I’ll be back. Two things here. 1 it does kinda hurt and 2 never leave me alone with sharp objects! I guess I got bored and wondered what those two hairs were on my tear duct…… I found out later that they are eyelashes…. Omg if you have ever plucked an eyelash then you know the hell that came next! I have always been a little thick headed and Don’t know why I do things over and over when I know the outcome…. Compulsive behavior??? so for some unknown reason after experiencing hell from the deepest part of ouch I decided to pluck the other one. I held my face in pain and threw my head back on the couch and laughed really hard! I walked into the bedroom and my wife asked me what was so funny. I told her of my adventures… She said, you plucked not just one of your eyelashes but two??? I told her yes. She then said, you didn’t Learn the first time? I told her that I don’t know why but it was kinda fun and funny but painful. She looked at me with a puzzled look and said, Kody I love you so much, you are one of a kind. I hugged her and said yes I am but I’m never doing that again. She laughed and said yeah you probably will.  My point of the story is never pluck your eyelashes…. It hurts! Also if it hurts the first time don’t be afraid of doing it again it might just feel different!