How do you know?

My spiritual path is one of craziness. I’m not going into everything on this blog but my ex showed me the new world of kemetic spirituality. I have been considering myself wicca, shaman, and kemetic ( a mutt pagan) for quite some time now. I have been waiting around for a “God” to speak to me. Everyone answers to someone diffrent but I’m being led to Thoth. Every time I read or anything really Thoth is always brought up. How do Ya know that this is the one?? I’m not really sure what or how to say what I wanna say here but I’m pretty sure Thoth is it. But how do you know for sure? 



3/22/15 sermon 

This weeks sermon was on practical magic and how we all have magic inside of us. How we can all have the ability to have gifts if we tune into what’s around us. This via is about becoming a coven or family. We are all in the circle together. It’s about getting out of your comfort zone and really seeing what’s around you. I admit that I have been placed out of my comfort zone this month. Planning a wedding, birthday party, a move, and another child and dealing with a death has been stressful and I have really had to try and focus on just living day to day. There has not been a lot of time to just sit and see what’s really around me. Even meditation everyday has been a struggle. Im having a really hard time with my uncles death. It’s been a struggle to stay on a positive track. Therefore it’s also been a struggle to be a forgiving, nice, and understanding individual. I need to stop and look around me and notice everything and realize that even though I’m out of my comfort zone I am ok. I need healing. I need peace. I need a spiritual hug. I need the gods to reassure me that there is a reason. Im hurt, I’m down, I’m looking up for answers, I’m hopeful that I don’t get kicked while I’m down. My comfort zone has been breached and I was taken down. I’m merely a wounded soul with more work to do. No time to be wounded no time to hurt. But maybe it’s for the better. If I have no time to focus on the pain then I have more time to focus on doing other things. 

There was a high prestiest who briefly spoke to us on ostara, she was nice but, it sounded much like she was promoting her pagan shop more than trying to educate people. But I could be wrong. I’m interested to go to the shop though and see what she has. I’m in need of a green candle and some statues. I will probably go sometime this week as a break for preparing this birthday party. 

This is what we believe as a circle:

  1. The universe is basically a blessing, that is, something we experience as good.
  2. We can and do relate to the universe as a whole since we are a microcosm of that macrocosm and that this relationship “intoxicates” us. (Aquinas)
  3. Everyone is a mystic (i.e., born full of wonder and capable of recovering it at any age; of not taking the awe and wonder of existence for granted.)
  4. Everyone is a prophet, i.e., a “mystic in action” (Hocking) who is called to “interfere” (Heschel) with what interrupts authentic life.
  5. That humans have to dig and work at finding their deep self, their true self, their spirit self; thus the role of spiritual praxis and meditation and community confrontation which can itself be a yoga. If we do not undergo such praxis we live superficially out of fear or greed or addiction or someone else’s expectations of us. That salvation is best understood as “preserving the good.” (Aquinas).
  6. That the journey that marks that digging can be named as a four-fold journey:
    • Via Positiva: delight, awe, wonder, revelry
    • Via Negativa: darkness, silence, suffering, letting go
    • Via Creativa: birthing, creativity
    • Via Transformativa: compassion, justice healing, celebration
  7. Everyone is an artist in some way and art as meditation is a primary form of prayer for releasing our images and empowering the community and each of us. Art finds its fulfillment in ritual, the community’s art.
  8. We are all sons and daughters of God; therefore, we have divine blood in our vein, the divine breath in our lungs; and the basic work of God is: Compassion.
  9. Divinity is as much Mother as Father, as much Child as Parent, as much Godhead (mystery) as God (history) as much beyond all beings as in all beings.
  10. That we experience that the Divine is in all things and all things are in the Divine (Panentheism) and that this mystical intuition supplants theism (and its child, atheism) as an appropriate way to name our relation to the Divine and experience the Sacred.





I went kayak shopping for a new kayak yesterday. I needed more room because I’m going kayaking to a spot and camp then kayak back home. So I needed more room for camping/ fishing gear. The old kayak I got last year was just not big enough for all that. So my new yak is wicked sweet!