so with us now officially moved to the upstate we are now on the hunt for a place to worship. Literally EVERYWHERE we look is Christian based. We don’t mind it but we are looking for more. We debated anderson but it’s far, it’s a more light Presbyterian, and it’s an older community. We debated Spartanburg uu but I don’t really want to go back to a place I don’t feel comfortable. We debated a place in Taylors but it’s small and Christian based, and that’s really my ex’s thing. We are now looking at going to Greenville uu. I went there before and didn’t get a good vibe but I’m willing to try again. If Greenville uu don’t work out then there is always ashville jubilee. We can try there. It’s different from Columbia but ya never know till you try. We are also looking into libraries, ymca, doctors, pediatrician, dentist, optometrist, play groups, Art, music, gym, baby groups. A new OBGYN. I have also found what I wanna do! I will be applying to college either this year or next. I want to apply this year but because it’s a major school I might be a little late. But I can take it online and I’m excited. Woot for the future! Everything is looking up! When I’m done with school I will be making 72000 which means we will be making $154000 together! And my wife’s salary increases every year. Super exciting things coming our way!!! 


Our last days 

as Friday gets closer we are getting more ready to move. We went to circle today and it was our last day. We were really sad. We are on via positiva. The subject was on ” a time to embrace”. Every day I see something on social media, where people are hating and people have jealously and people are obviously not truly happy with who they are. It’s sad. It saddens me to know that people are so unhappy that they have to brag about happiness just to try and convince others of how happy they are. We should embrace what we have and be happy that is what we have! We make our choices in life and we can change them. We don’t have to live with unhappiness. I have learned that those who talk more about how happy they are are the loneliest and saddest. We should embrace these individuals and pray for them. There is a time to embrace and that time is now. With a country so worried about calling a woman a man just to hurt her and saying she’s not brave for coming out, with a country so worried about a flag and the ignorance of many people who have no idea, and ignorance of people that think that spending the time and energy to take down a flag instead of honoring the victims is right….. Is sad! We need to embrace each other and stop letting little shit come in the way of happiness and realize that we are all in this together. We all have a say in what goes on around us! I have my opinion and you have yours and it doesn’t mean either one of us is right it means that we have our own opinions! I am not in this life to be the richest or the smartest or the skinniest or the poorest or the dumbest or the fattest or the happiest or the loneliest. I am in this life to be who I am and live MY life and embrace what I can! I am in this life to be me and not impress anyone but myself. In this life I am a winner because I live for me and my family! We are all winners because we all have our own lives to live and our own goals and our own hearts. I’m in this life to be the best that I can, not be the best that everyone thinks I should be! Embrace what you have because if you are unhappy and worried about impressing others then you will miss out on the life you  live. Life is short and I’m living it to the fullest! Are you? 


one cool jubilee baby!





What . An .awesome. Day! 

Yesterday I took my kayak out on the wateree river with a group of amazing people! Hit a few rocks and got stuck on a few, hit a few small Rapids. All in all it was great trip. I had so much fun! We had news crews welcome us along with chick fa la. After packing up and going home I took a quick shower and we went to our pastors house blessing. Where we had a very good time. I led the line with besom broom to sweep all negative energy away. And supported by all the elements we walked through and effectively got rid of negative energy. With one more thing to do they broke a red plate to signify that they are here with a boom! Then we ate and had some wine then watched as they opened presents and then went home. By the time we got home we put Koda to bed and went straight to bed ourselves! We were tired from a very long but fantastic day. I am sunburned but feeling a rejuvenation! I love it! 


dnr checking vests and getting yaks ready


my view


jan and i


wonderful day


swimming and snack


the water was beautiful


yaking friends!


halfway there!


chillin on the water


you cant beat the scenery


buzzards waiting for us at the end lol


lobster arm


lobster leg


this country boy is roasted!


workings of magic


breaking of the plate


ziva and the lord




holli cleaning up


holli doing the blessing


my favorite lady!