K – Kemetic

My first ever known experience with Kemetic faith is through my ex. She is Kemetic and while we were together I learned things about the faith and a lot of them made sense. I was on my way to actually learning more. I have more of a blended faith. Some Wicca, some shaman, some Kemetic. I still study them all even though for awhile I quit studying Kemetic faith because the person I looked up to who followed so strongly kinda did a baptist thing and showed me the real side of not caring and just about broke all Kemetic commandments. Showing me that once again that every faith has those that don’t truly follow it! I started following it again because I’m not gonna be a person of half faith. I started teaching myself things about it I had never knew! There is a diet, yoga, and even a Cafe dedicated to Kemetic diet in Columbia sc. I have learned so much through my own eyes than those of others! I’m still not where I would like to be in my faith but that’s why you just have to keep studying!






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