L- learning

I had a few things that started with l that I wanted to talk about but kept coming back to learning! We all learn. We all went to school and learned about math, history, science, spelling, economics, and various other subjects that we may or may not use in life ( still trying to find out when I’m going to use the Pythagorean theory in life) We learn if life as well. We learn banking, house buying, budgeting, and many other things you learn as an adult. We also learn as children. We learn things like getting along with others, sharing ( another rant for another time), and things that we really don’t follow as adults anymore. We learn things in our young adult years like heartbreak, learning not to trust others, and knowing that we can drink 27 beers and 6 mixed drinks and smoke a dime before we pass out! Some of us go to college while others join the work force. And some like me join the work force and go to college late. Some of us get a certificate while some get a degree. Some get a masters and others get a professional doctorate. Some make a career out of just going to school while others finish and get the job they want! We never really stop learning. We are always on the move with our brains. We are always finding out new information . As a pagan we never stop learning things and searching for answers and questioning things. We are always wanting to know more! I know that I love to read and I love to know more! The more books I read the more I learn. Learning is something we all can do! Never stop being! We must continue perpetual motion and keep learning as much as we can! Never stay still in life! For when you are still you are dead!


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