Love yourself

It’s the first step to anything! You have to love yourself before you can love someone else. If your plan is world peace or you are falling in love or you are just loving the world in general. You must first love yourself! Loving yourself means to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually! Your spiritual needs are important, doesn’t matter what you believe or not believe. Sometimes it’s hard for people to love themselves, with a rising strain to look like a model or believe in Christian beliefs, or “think it’s ok for that to happen because I’m loved”! It’s hard to focus on what really matters and focus on yourself! I’ve been in a situation where I have lost myself because I was to focused on making that “person” happy. I should have been focused on making myself happy instead! You can’t let others bring you down, which I know is easier said than done! I was so focused on making this person happy that I lost my own happiness. I was no longer who I was in the beginning. When that mistake was over I realized that I needed to focus on making myself happy and thus spent a year making myself happy and finding who I was again! You can be happy! You can love yourself! You can start again! I found someone who makes me happy and encourages me to love myself! You have to surround yourself with positive people and remove the toxic people in your life. But that’s not enough to just surround yourself with all positive. At some point you are going to run into the negative people but you have to deal with them and forget them, always look at who you really are! After finally getting over the toxic things that were in my life I started waking up looking in the mirror saying” you are loved, you are mighty, you control your life, you love yourself”! Sometimes I hear that I am vain or that I am into myself and my response is, yes! Yes I am because I am worthy of loving myself and I matter in this world! Everyone matters! Everyone needs to love themselves because sometimes you are your only ally!







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