P- parenting

Parenting is not something you do to “get attention”, “be part of the crowd”, “because your lady parts hurt”, “because you just realized your clock is ticking”, or because your jealous of someone having a kid”! Parenting is a very serious thing. It takes a lot of SELFLESS service! You cannot be a selfish person and have a kid! Your taking care of a human life! It’s not a dog or a cat that you can forget to change the litter box or not wanna wake up to take him out! You can’t put a kid on a leash and you can’t expect them to listen like a dog. You can’t get “depressed” and be off your game or decide you want to have a bipolar episode and go nuts on them. Sometimes I worry about kids with parents like this and the kids that will be born into families like this.

My son has colic and screams about 50% of the day. This is mostly at night lol. He can test a nerve for sure! During the screaming I know he is in pain and so there’s a lot of cuddling and loving and gripe water that goes on! He is my heart and soul! I created him, I was there through all of the dr appointments/ ultrasounds, I heard his heartbeat the first time, I named him, i helped him come out of the womb, I cut the cord, I held his bloody body when he was born, I cleaned him, I gave him his first bath, I take care of him everyday. My son and I have a very strong bond! He just turned 4 months old yesterday and at 2 days he was holding his head up, 1 week he was standing up with assistance of course, at 1 month he produced tears, at 2 months he was grabbing and laughing. My son is advanced for his age and this puts a lot of pressure on learning new things!

As a parent, my fiancé and I have decided to teach our child different religions and let him pick one he wants. Now to say that I’m gonna put a stronger focus on paganism is a no brainer! We say pagan prayers every night and at every meal and we have a family alter. We are starting our own traditions this year with holidays and they are all pagan related. Instead of listening to the traditional Christmas music we listen to pagan carols. We have a Yule tree and even something special I’m saving for later! We have started teaching him pagan terms and when he gets older I am going to homeschool him till he is 5 on a pagan preschool program! Sarah says we are crunchy pagans…… Thanks babe! This year will be his first pagan pride and we will go every year with him! My sister In law is strongly pagan and might ask her to go with us this year! We shall see!







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