Pagan parenting

So there’s a site that we have decided to supplement with regular learning. Along with abc, 123, simple addition, shapes, colors, learning to spell name, address, phone numbers, and basic stuff before kindergarten. It’s called little pagan acorns! It’s a homeschooling site for pagans! They have all the materials on the site and they add more! This site will be a life saver as far as teaching age appropriate pagan things to koda! I’m very secure in what I believe in and I want him to be as well! It’s already going to be hard enough that he goes to school in a Christian society and so I want him to have a good head start! Of course he’s only 4 months old and I still have awhile to go but it’s good to start thinking about a program now! It does not replace school but will give him a leg up on learning! Since I’m a stay at home dad and work in the evenings I will be able to teach him more and be on top of his learning more than a working couple! We both decided that we didn’t want daycare to raise our kids and we wanted them to start learning as soon as possible ( even the best daycares don’t start really teaching kids until they are 3). It’s also better because I get to teach him the way I want to teach him and utilize this little acorns into learning! ( have you ask a daycare to supplement with pagan material?? ) instead of him learning about Easter and Christmas and being confused about what teacher says vs what mom and dad say he will have a steady knowledge about everything. We already have an alter set up for him in the living room and carry him to it to already. This is the start of a great learning path! I know we can’t stop him from hearing it when he is older but at least he will have a solid foundation when he is younger! We already started our family traditions with him and will continue to support those throughout his life! As a parent you have to make a lot of sacrifices and a lot of choices about the future of your child. The choices you make and enforce now will help determine the outcome of your little one! We have also made the choice to make martial arts a mandatory learning experience. Not only will it help him defend himself but teach him discipline. We will not make him play football or dance or anything else he don’t want to do but martial arts is mandatory because of the benefits. On that subject…….. If he wants to dance or cheer or be beta club or be a chess player we will not stop him! He can do whatever his heart desires! If he wants to play football, baseball, or be a member of FFA ( future farmers of America ) then he can do that to!


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