Quarters ……4 of them!

As we all know on the pentacle there are 4 elements represented! Earth, fire, water, air. These elements are of course all needed by all living things! Hence why they are represented! And I’ve spoken about each element and how they each have there own personality as far as humans go. ( fire- passionate, air- flighty, earth- grounded, water- go with the flow) blah blah blah! But I’ve never spoken about my experience with each element and what they mean to me! I’m going to start with the one I know the most! Fire!

Fire- the SOUTH QUARTER! I am a fire so my experience with fire is , mine! My son is also a fire! I have met other fires and we tend to be all the same….. Outgoing, physically active, and a temper that is very scary! My experience with fire is one many! Every time I light a fire I stare into the flames and try to focus on the things in my life that need destroying and things that need passion. Fire means to me, that things in my life need change. When anything is on fire it changes.


Water-the WEST QUARTER .
Water is very special to me because my fiancé is a water sign! Water signs go with the flow and stop fire in its tracks. It helps grow the earth and with enough air causes a storm! Water signs tend to have strong emotions and know what they want! They require stable relationships and have no time for fuckery! My experience with water is both good and bad. One of the good things is learning to swim! Through many days in the pool I have learned to tread water and become very comfortable in the deep end! I love going on hikes to waterfalls in the mountains! My favorite spot is a peaceful waterfall in a mountain! I use this spot to stand in the cold water and renew myself! Water has a calming meaning to me because I stand in it and feel all my bad fire traits calm down!


Earth is grounding and I can’t say that I’ve had many experiences with earth but I do know they are calm people and it takes a lot to make an earth mad! If you do make them mad then kiss your ass goodbye! They have no problem beating the shit out of you! Earth is grounding and my experience with earth is going to my spot and grounding myself and getting back to nature! I love camping and really getting back to being grounded and and realizing that life is about balance and earth is that balance! Earth means to me, to be grounded, to be humble and to find a solid ground!



Air is a tricky element for me because I’ve not had a good experience with air! They are flighty, air headed, and one sided people. ( at least in my experience) but never the less air is needed in this whole thing so my positive experience with air is breathing! Yep! Breathing, it’s something we all have to do to survive. If it’s breathing in mountain air or a fart it’s something ya have to do to survive. I do love breathing! And I do love breathing in nice smells such as fall air, leaves, apples, pumpkin pie, the smell of roasted marshmallows, the burning leaves, the smell of a nice cool pool in the summer, the smell of a warm fire burning in winter and the smell of flowers in the spring! Sometimes ya have to smell the shit before you can smell the nice grass and flowers! Air means to me life because we all need air!



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